Twilight's Ease


Laurie Miller Vischer

With beautifully wrought lyrics, this gentle song reflects gratitude for those we love and a spirit of “letting go—letting be.”


Item Voicing/Instrumentation Duration Price Audio View Score Quantity
JS-054 SSA, piano, optional viola duet 4:30 $2.50
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SSA, piano, optional viola duet 4:30 $2.00


Joan Szymko

Trees like black lace across the Western sky,
A quiet star glimmers up above.
As the day comes to an end, it's time to settle down
and remember the people that we love.


Let go of work and worry, let go of what you want.
Let go of disappointments of memories that haunt.
Let troubles fade just like the sun. Embrace the twilight's ease,
And dream tomorrow's promise of beauty, hope and peace.

Sometimes, when darkness falls, we're lonely and afraid.
We weep for the suffering, lost and poor.
When you put your hand in mine, a hope stirs deep within 
And we share the light that is our core.


In silence there's an answer, in quiet, there's a rest.
In the dark of letting go we face the test.
There is peace within the space we make to know our part.
There's a joy that rises in our hearts.