There Are No Farewells


May Sarton (1912-1995)

Poet May Sarton's moving reflections on her own mortality is sensitively set. 


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Joan Szymko

“Gestalt at Sixty” (part 3)

I am not ready to die,

But I am learning to trust death

As I have trusted life.

I am moving

Toward a new freedom

Born of detachment,

And a sweeter grace—

Learning to let go.

I am not ready to die,

But as I approach sixty

I turn my face toward the sea.

I shall go where tides replace time,

Where my world will open to a far horizon.

Over the floating,never-still flux and change.

I shall go with the changes,

I shall look far out over golden grasses

And blue waters....

There are no farewells.

Praise God for His mercies,

For His austere demands,

For His light

And for His darkness.