At Such a Dizzy Height (Peace Window)

"In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love." — Marc Chagall.


Adaptation by Robin Lane of quotes and letters of Marc & Bella Chagall;

Late in his career, Marc Chagall produced a number of paintings in glass with colorful, dream-like images symbolizing peace, love, tolerance and faith. This choral work accompanies choreographer, Robin Lane's translation of Chagall's "Peace Windows" into motion.  It is the the finale of At Such a Dizzy Height, a visually stunning work of aerial dance, circus arts, video, and live music draws inspiration from the paintings of Chagall.

In the words of choreographer/artistic director Robin Lane:
"Chagall did not make distinctions between what can or cannot fly, between humanity and the natural world, between art and spirit. Chagall refused to limit possibilities. His work is both grounded in history and delightfully spontaneous. Chagall says his paintings are not symbolic of anything, they are reality. They are meant to be experienced like poetry. So that is what we tried to do. At Such A Dizzy Height takes place at the intersection of love and art."


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Audio Credits: 

Conspirare, Craig Hella Johnson, Conductor


Joan Szymko

At Such a Dizzy Height

We float, we go the window
We want to fly out

the walls spin all around us

We fly out over fields full of flowers

over rooftops, over tightly shuttered houses

We dream secret dreams, thirsting for love

Now, the candle flares up to the moon

Now, the moon flies down to our arms

the very road prays,the houses weep

the sky sails past on all sides.

The stars come out,they are my stars

They journey out with me,

they wait for me until I return

The stars come out, they are my stars

my sweet stars

Poor things, forgive me

I've left you alone up there at

such a dizzy height.

Our dreams, (Nos rêves)

our secret dreams (Nos rêves secrets)

they thirst for love (soif d'amour)

only for love.


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“ethereal vocal music by Joan Szymko” — New York TImes


"At Such A Dizzy Height" - Choreography Tucker Davis - Ithaca College Choir