Sioux Prayer


Traditional Lakota Sioux

The Medicine Wheel is a symbol that incorporates the four directions. Its spokes point east, south, west, and north. "Sioux Prayer" is a calling on the spirits of the sky, the earth and the four directions. Accessible to youth and beginning choirs. An SSA version available for treble choirs.


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JS-010 SAB, a cappella 1:30 $2.50
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SAB, a cappella 1:30 $2.00
JS-012 SSA, a cappella 1:30 $2.50
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SSA, a cappella 1:30 $2.00


Joan Szymko

Sioux Prayer

O our Father the Sky, hear us and make us strong.

O our Mother the Earth, hear us and give us support.

O Spirit of the East, send us your Wisdom.

O Spirit of the South, may we tread your path of life.

O Spirit of the West, may we always be ready for the long journey.

O Spirit of the North, purify us with your cleansing winds.


Sioux Prayer, Minnetonka Chamber Choir, June 2014