I Am


Catherine DeVink

NEW! Summer 2017 release

— from the DARE TO BE POWERFUL choral series —

Commissioned by Aurora Chorus in 2002 in celebration of its 10th Anniversary, “I Am” immerses singer and listener in the Divine Feminine, with its roundness, vibrance, and life giving energy. Perfect for festival chorus it closes with the question: I am a god of a thousand names, why cannot one of them be 'woman singing.'


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SSAA, piano,fl,vn,vc 5:20 $2.25
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Joan Szymko

Womanly Song of God

I am the woman dancing the world


birds on my wrists

sun-feathers in my hair

I leap through hoops of atoms;

under my steps

plants burst into bloom

birches tremble in their silver.

Can you not see the roundness of me:

curve of the earth

maternal arms of the sea
encircling you wetly as you swim?

I am the birthing woman

kneeling by the river

heaving, pushing forth a sacred body

not mud, not stone: flesh and blood.

Round, round the wind

spinning itself wild

drawing great circles of music

across the sky.

Round the gourd full of seed

round the moon in its ripeness

round the door through which I come

stooping into your house.

I am a God of a thousand names:

why cannot one of them be

Woman Singing?


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