Everything She Touches


Traditional, Wiccan

I discovered the text for this piece while researching the triple goddess, Brigid, for a Celtic ritual Imbolc (Candlemas) choral presentation. The Goddess Triad archetype is found in many ancient Indo-European cultures, as well as in some mythologies of Africa and Asia. Contemporary Wicca rites rely heavily on ancient Celtic symbols, beliefs and celebrations. I composed "Everything She Touches," for Aurora Chorus. In many ways, Aurora has changed many of the lives she has touched. The virtuosic piano accompaniment was scored with Signe Lusk, Aurora's accomplished accompanist, in mind. The piano plays the parts of the Goddess— flying, weaving, touching and changing the seasons of our lives. The extended chant at the close of the piece encourages feminine energy to rise. —Joan Szymko


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SBMP 738 SSAA, piano 4:45 $2.20 Santa Barbara Music Press
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Everything She Touches

She is the woman who weaves the night sky

Watch her go, see her fingers fly!

She is the weaver and we are the web

She is the needle and we are the thread.

Watch her go, see her fingers fly!

She changes everything she touches

and everything she touches changes.


Everything She Touches - PGC Alum Choir