All Winter Long


Native American song text

Amidst the cold and snow of winter, a song to the sun!  Flute and drum create an evocotive polymetric backdrop to this treble setting of a native American text .  Perfect for any winter or early spring concert.


Item Voicing/Instrumentation Duration Price Audio View Score Quantity
JS-060 SSA, flute, frame drum 1:30 $2.50
digital download
SSA, flute, frame drum 1:30 $2.00


Joan Szymko

All winter long

behind every thunder

guess what we heard!

— behind every thunder

the song

of a bird,

a trumpeting bird.


All winter long

beneath every snowing

guess what we saw!

— beneath every snowing

a thaw

and a growing,

a greening and growing.


Where did we run

beyond gate and guardsman?

Guess, if you can!

— all winter long

we ran

to the sun,

the dance of the sun!