African Lullaby


Traditional Bantu & African American

The familiar African American sing, “Angels watching over me” is given cantus firmus treatment while a lilting African lullaby, "Abiyoyo" gently sways around it. The Bantu song, "Abiyoyo" is traditionally sung at bedtime as a song to entrance night time monsters into a dancing state; mother and father can then chase the monsters away so baby can safely sleep. Appropriate for either children's or mature women's ensembles.


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SBMP 809 SSA, piano, hand drum 2:00 $2.05 Santa Barbara Music Press
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African Lullaby

Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo,

Abiyoyo- yo-yo-yo-yo -yo-yo

All night, all day,
Angels watching over me, my Lord

All night,all day,
Angels watching over me